Game Overview

Game Overview

The One Game Software Development Kit provided by the One Game Foundation provides the tools, documentations and API needed for developers to create games in One Game. The SDK is made with the ease of use in mind so that anyone who is technically inclined could easily create experiences in One Game.


The players’ graphical representation in the virtual world of One Game. Adam and Eve are the default choice of avatars when new players enter the game and are assigned an avatar. Additional avatars skin or feature combinations can be obtained from the Asset Store. The avatars have certain aspects that can be controlled or changed by the game players, including physical appearance (features and skins), behaviors, and intelligence. By controlling the avatars, players can fluidly interact in the world of One Game, and play different games created by different game developers on different parcels of land. Beyond the characters actively controlled by the players, there are numerous NPC (Non-Player Characters) in the platform. These avatars become alive with the help of AI algorithms, and can join different games made by developers.

Identity System

The One Game identity that assigned to each user. This allows game players to register and login through their username and password. As a decentralized platform, One Game requires no KYC (know-your-clients), although local agencies or promoters can add their own rules to ask users for personal information in order to prevent children from using the software depending on geographically-based restrictions.

Land System

The sets of land on which users create game scenes. The system can generate unlimited amounts of virtual land with sizes ranging from 2K pixel2K pixel to 2M pixel2M pixel. A developer needs to pay a small fee in order to generate new parcels of land. A map editor allows developers to create new land and edit landscape features. All individual parcel of land is disjointed by default. Developers can collaborate and agree to connect their respective parcels of land. For game players, they can visit or enter any land on the platform, unless the land developer requires entry by invitation only or requires tickets to be purchased for entry.


The starting point from which players enter the game, to discover or search for land owned by developers, and choose to enter scenes or participate in games created on top of these varied land parcels. The Lobby also enables basic communication functions, and allows players to chat with developers or keep in touch with other players.