Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is One Game? A decentralized virtual world that grants gamers the ability to create their own digital universe. An incentive based token ecosystem where tokens are awarded to the the top performing creators and players. A self-evolving platform where unlimited gaming possibilities and variations are generated by the players and game makers.

How can I visit One Game? One Game is under active development. We are aiming to provide three clients for the users through mobile, desktop and VR headset. For progress updates, please join our Telegram Group at

What kind of game is One Game? One Game is not a single game, but a platform on which any game designer or developer can make their own games. Professional developers can also use our developer’s tools to create advanced experiences.

How do a user obtain land in One Game? There is an unlimited supply of land in One Game. Anyone can get new land by paying a small fee. Maintenance fees are also needed to subsidize the system resources used by the land.

How to obtain One Game Tokens (OGT)? You can join our token sale, buy them from exchanges after the token is listed in exchanges, or earn them through our incentive program after the platform is launched.

Tell me more about how the platform self-evolves? We borrowed the genetic concept from CryptoKitties. However, One Game is a more complicated platform, and requires more work to develop the full theory. Please wait for our future whitepapers.

Will you open source your source code? Yes, we are working very hard to create the fundamental libraries. As soon as we finish our early milestonse, we will open source. Please stay tuned.