Platform Self Evolvement

Platform Self Evolvement

One Game provides the infrastructure support to evolve and advance a shared virtual world. One Game developers are economically incentized to contribute game assets and scripts to the One Game platform while game players provide an ongoing stream of data through game play which can be used for deep learning.

Artificial intelligence algorithms are used in One Game to assist in player activiation, initial land creation and development. Reinforced learning assist in training Non Player Entities (NPE).

One Game game assets and scripts are highly modularized, allowing for the combination of various modules that will generate unlimited gaming possibilities and variations.

One Game’s Developer Tools allow game developers to map asset modules as genes. Similar to that of DNA gene - every gene carries a trait - every asset modules carries a trait. Asset modules can be combined as genes can be combined to create new characteristics or behaviors.

By paying a fee in OGT, game players can apply random genetic mutations or combinations onto assets owned by themselves or alternatively acquire new assets. Game players can continue to iterate on the combination process until they happy with the generated content.

After multiple rounds of developers’ and players’ input and feedback, the genes will allow the platform to evolve with surprising results via this selection process. One Game grants players and developers godlike powers of personalization and creation.

One Game’s self-evolving genetic algorithm combines ideas from genetics, mathematics, and computer science. As the platform evolves, we will further develop the theory and publish additional papers.